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This is Shi’s world, you’re just living in it. Ever the rebel as she goes through life, Shi tiptoes the line between reckless and bold, inspiring onlookers to do the same.

Who is Shi?

Motivated by a profound desire to rewrite her story when she grows tired of the plot, Shi is the creator of her own universe: one that’s filled with possibility, self-expression, and dynamism.

Never one to shy away from her role as the protagonist – no matter the situation that might arise – Shi prefers to live her life feet first, mind second. A constant reminder that, although doubt is a choice, boldness is a must




Assigned: unreal fields @unrealfields 

Production: Bianca Scherr @prinzproductions 

Photo: Marc da Cunha Lopes @marcdacunhalopes 

Assistent Photo Video: Filipa Martins @filipamartins__ 

Styling: Lúcia Valdevino  @luciavaldevino 

Assistent Styling: @madalenacpf

Beauty: Tina hoffmann @tinahoffmann.artist 

Video directed by: Sebastian Bolenius